XS Scuba Female 1/4" NPT Adapter

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About XS Scuba Female 1/4" NPT Adapter

If you have an air supply that uses Industrial Style" Hoses with 1/4" NPT Female Threads and want to run a Scuba Regulator Second Stage from this air supply this Adapter Fitting can make it happen. Having the ability to run a second stage regulator from an air source such as a compressor or storage bottles eliminates the need to wear a cylinder on your back, and can be handy when you need to work under a boat or clean a swimming pool.

XS Scuba's Female 1/4" NPT Adapter allows you to attach the First Stage end of an LP Regulator Hose to the Adapter and then attaching that Adapter to the Industrial Style" Hose with 1/4" NPT enabling you to utilize the air supply for diving purposes. Adapter is manufactured from Brass with Black Chrome Plating for Corrosion Resistance and Low Maintenance. Adapter is equipped with 3/8-24 female to 1/4" male NPT and is designed for Low Pressure Only, below 200 psi (13.8 bars).

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