Highland by XS Scuba DuoKev Two Gauge Console

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About Highland by XS Scuba DuoKev Two Gauge Console

Highland by XS Scuba's DuoKev Two Gauge Console is a low profiled and ergonomically designed to fit in the hand comfortably, and is easy to read at a glance with its outstanding graphics. The Pressure Gauge has a Chromed Brass Housing for Strength and Durability, a Luminescent Gauge Face for Easy Reading when Night Diving or in Low Light Conditions. This Compact Gauge measuring a mere 1.96" (5 cm) in Diameter and .55" (1.4 cm) Thick. Gauge has Readout of 0 to 5,000 psi and the Air-Spool comes standard with Viton O-rings so it's Nitrox Ready.

Highland by XS Scuba's Depth Gauge Capsule is a Compact Gauge measuring a mere 1.95" (5 cm) in Diameter and .90" (2.3 cm) Thick. This very accurate Oil Filled Depth Gauge reads depth from 0' to 220' and comes equipped with a Maximum Depth Indicator Needle. The Maximum Depth Indicator Needle is pushed by the Gauge Depth Needle until the diver meets their maximum depth and will remain there for the duration of the dive to indicate the divers Deepest Depth Reached during the dive. This feature allows the diver to not record that depth while actually diving, yet will be available upon surfacing for later calculations for repetitive dives.

The Highland by XS Scuba's Depth Gauge Capsule, is Durable with its Chromed Brass Housing Ring. The Depth Gauge has a Luminescent Gauge Face for Easy Reading when Night Diving or in Low Light Conditions. Compact, Low Profile and Strong as Nails, this is one great gauge. Both Gauges are housed in a Durable Noncorrosive Thermoplastic Boot with 2 Loops for attachment of a clip or lanyard.

Dive Gear weighs a lot and can get bulky. If there is a way to streamline it and make it weigh less it's a plus for the diver. Streamlining reduces water resistance, conserves air, and is less likely to get snagged on something. If your gear weighs less it's easier to transport to and from the boat or dive site, and with weight restrictions when we fly every ounce (gram) counts. XS Scuba's DuoKev High Pressure Hose address both these issues. Hose is 35% Thinner than Traditional Rubber HP Hoses 0.31" (8 mm), this streamlined design lowers your profile, reducing water resistance, is less likely to snag and helps conserve air due to less effort when fining. Hose is 51% lighter than Traditional Rubber Hoses measuring 32" (81.3 cm) in length, less weigh, better travel and transport.

The XS Scuba DuoKev HP Hose is built to last. Hose has a Multi-Layer Construction with a Nylon Polyamide inner liner, a Double Thick Kevlar Layer and a Thermoplastic Polyurethane outer jacket. The Hose Fittings are made from Electro-Less Nickel Plated Brass with 304-Stainless Steel Ferrule's with 2-Point Crimping. Using these quality materials and in the construction of the hose give it a Maximum Working Pressure of 5,000 psi (345 bars) with a Burst Pressure of 20,000 psi (1,379 bars). Swivel Lockup has occurred with standard HP Hoses, so XS Scuba added a Deep Air-Spool Well to prevent this lockup from happening. If you have had problems with hoses not seating properly on your first-stage regulator, XS Scuba put a Stepped Male 7/16" Fitting that eliminates the clearance problems associated with aftermarket hoses.

The DuoKev HP Hose meets and exceeds requirements of CE EN250 and ANSI Z86.7.2-1987 standards and XS Scuba makes sure you know you have a genuine DuoKev Hose by Stamping each and every hose with the Date code (quarter/year) and a manufacture (XS) mark. Installation is made easy with the common 9/16" Wrench Flats. The Hose is Factory Cleaned for use with up to 80% Oxygen, comes standard with a Viton O-ring

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