Highland by XS Scuba Air-Spool with Viton O-Rings

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About Highland by XS Scuba Air-Spool with Viton O-Rings

You just set up your equipment for the first dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere, as you pressurize your Scuba Regulator System you hear air leakage. As you examine you're rig you find that the source of the leak is your Pressure Gauge or Air Integrated Computer Console. The worst thing that can happen on a tropical vacation has just happen No Dive Regulator. Don't leave on a vacation without spare parts that can quickly and easily fix a problem.

Between the High Pressure Hose and the Pressure Gauge/Computer is a small Brass Pin with an O-Ring on each end called an Air-Spool. This simple, yet important part can make or break a diving vacation. Don't leave on a vacation without a spare Air-Spool, why ruin a great holiday because of a few dollars in spare parts. XS Scuba's Air-Spool is made from Brass with a Chrome Plated Finish and comes with 2 Viton O-Rings. This Air-Spool can be used with Enriched Air Nitrox and is designed for Pressure Gauge that requires an Air-Spool with a center bushing. Air-Spools make a great Save-A-Dive Kit item.

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