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About Witz Glitter Box I (See-It Safe) Case

Witz Glitter Box I (See-It Safe) Case
If you love to spend more time on outdoor tours, the Witz Glitter Box I (See-It Safe) Case is the perfect product for you to use. With the strong and durable ABS resin construction, it protects its contents from external impacts. It is perfect to store your everyday items like credit cards, cash, ID cards, etc. The unique angle design makes it compact in size and easy for you to carry around. It offers a large storage space as it is 250% larger than a normal surf safe. The quick release clasp allows you to open and close it easily. The O-Ring seal protects the contents from dust and water. This See-If-Safe case allows you to see the contents without opening the case. It is available in three exciting translucent glitter colors of blue, red and purple. With the nylon lanyard and carbiner clip, you can easily hang it around your neck and carry it with you. Pick your Witz Glitter Box I (See-It Safe) Case and enjoy your trip without any worries.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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Witz Glitter Box I (See-It Safe) Case Features

  • The waterproof case keeps your stuff safe and well-protected from accidental spills
  • The O-ring seal helps in keeping your belongings safe and free from dust
  • Its crush resistant shell protects it from external impacts
  • The ABS resin construction makes the case very durable and rugged
  • A lanyard with carabiner clip is also there so you can hang it around your neck when you're on the go
  • It features a quick release clasp that enables you to easily open and close the case
  • The patented angle design makes it comfortable to hold it in your hand
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