Waterproof W2-5 mm Women's Jumpsuit, Black/Yellow

Waterproof W2-5 mm Women's Jumpsuit, Black/Yellow Features

What's in the box: Waterproof W2-5 mm Women's Jumpsuit, Black /Yellow

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The W2 is the new Back-Zipper Wet-Suit from Waterproof. The W2 collection had to exceed Waterproof's current W1 Line, so the task set for Waterproof's Designers was challenging. The result, Waterproof's 5mm Full-Suit, surpassed their expectations by far. Features include a Stunning Anatomical Gender Specific Design, Comfort Front Neck Zipper, a Fully Gusset Neck Zipper that Relieves Neck Stress when on the surface, Inner Plush Hex-Tex Lining a Dense Knitting that's Unique Hexagonal Pattern Restricts Internal Water-Flow and Increases Comfort. Suit has interesting 3-D Molded Vulcanized Rubber Kneepads featuring a Hinge Effect that follow the Movement of the Legs.

Quality is in the Details. Suit has Molded Velcro Tabs. These TPU (eco) Teeth, Stick only to the Assigned Velcro Part, 10 mm thick Spine Pad that is Pre-Shaped to Fit Neck Area. Spine Pad also adds Warmth and Protection for the back. Suit has 3-D Sculpturing with Pre-Bent Arms and Legs that provide a Perfect Anatomical Fit and Form Fitting Wave-Flex Stretch Back Panel for added Mobility.

The Arms and Legs are equipped with Double Seals made from Glide-Skin Neoprene with Zippers which make Donning and Doffing Easy and the Glide-Skin Seals Add Warmth. The Back Zipper with Pull Leash has a Bronze Slider that provides Ease of Operation and Hard Core Durability. All Seams are Glued and Sewn; suit has a Polyurethane Embossed Seat Grip, Elbows are embossed with Toughtex and the Shoulders are reinforced, all for Abrasion and Anti-Slip Protection. Suit has High-Visibility Reflective Logo, so you can be seen in Low Light or Night Diving Conditions.

The W2-5 mm Women's Jumpsuit comes in Black with Yellow Accent, is available in 9 sizes from 2X-Small to 2X-Large so there is sure to be one that will fit you and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Waterproof W2-5 mm Women's Jumpsuit
  • Stunning Anatomical Gender Specific Design
  • Quality is in All Details
  • Form Molded Velcro Tabs: TPU (eco) Teeth, (sticks only to the assigned Velcro part)
  • Fully Gusset" Comfort Neck Zipper": Relieves Neck Stress on the Surface
  • Spine Pad 10 mm Thick and Pre-Shaped to Fit Neck Area
  • Stretch Panel: Form Fitting Wave-Flex Back Panel
  • Anatomical Sculpting: Pre-Bend Arms and Legs Provides a Perfect Anatomical Fit
  • Hinge Effect Knee Pad Constructed to Follow the Leg Movements
  • Back Zipper with Bronze Slider Provide Consistent Ease of Operation and Hard Core Durability
  • Zipper Equipped with Pull Leash
  • Hex-Tex Lining: Unique Hexagonal Pattern Restricts Internal Water-Flow and Increases Comfort
  • Arms and Legs: Double Seals made from Glide-Skin Neoprene with Zippers
  • Polyurethane Embossed Seat Grip
  • Elbows Embossed with Toughtex
  • Reinforced Shoulders for Abrasion and Anti-Slip Protection
  • Glued and Sewn Seams
  • High-Visibility Reflective Logo
  • Color: Black with Yellow Accent
  • 9 Sizes from 2X-Small to 2X-Large
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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