Wow Tube A Rama 8 Person Lounge

Wow Tube A Rama 8 Person Lounge Features


Key Features

  • It is made of 100% heavy-duty PVC material which is strong and reliable
  • This lounge is 12-feet in diameter, making it large enough to accommodate 10 people
  • It also has two large built-in coolers that keep your beverages cool all day long
  • This lounge features a large central mesh deck that work as additional seating for two people
  • It features 8 seats, 4 with mesh and 4 without mesh to add more fun to your activity
  • The bright red, white, and blue graphic design makes this lounge very attractive and stylish
  • Its 8 recessed cup holders can hold your water bottle, juice, or can easily
  • An anchor bag and tie rope is included so you can carry extra stuff with you