Wenger Evo 10 Swiss Army Knife

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Wenger Evo 10 Swiss Army Knife Features

Wenger Evo 10 Swiss Army Knife
The Wenger Evo 10 Swiss Army Knife is made by the official knife maker for the Swiss Army, ensuring a high quality product. Its 2.5 in. pen blade can be used for cutting and in multiple different ways. The patented locking screwdriver is great for screwing and removing screws. The knife's excellent ergonomic handles provides its handler to maintain a proper grip for safety and efficiency. Its multi-tool features are of great advantage in and out of the wild. Tools such as a can opener, a toothpick, nail file and other useful gadgets, make it an ideal utility knife to own. It even includes a corkscrew to open wine bottles during lunch or dinner. An included lifetime warranty assures its durability and efficiency. The Wenger Evo 10 Swiss Army Knife is the ideal high quality tool to own and makes a great gift for any occasion.

Key Features

  • The Ergonomic Handles allow you to maintain a proper grip
  • Its 2.5 in. Pen Blade can be used for odd jobs
  • The Patented locking screwdriver is great when working with screws
  • A cap lifter and wire stripper are included so you can open bottle caps and strip wires conveniently
  • You get a Nail File and Nail Cleaner to take good care of your nails
  • The Toothpick comes in handy after a meal
  • Pull away unwanted hair with the tweezers
  • With the Can Opener, you can open cans quickly
  • There is a Corkscrew to open wine bottles
  • It is compact at 3.25" long
  • At 1.09 oz. it is light enough to take with you anywhere
  • It is Made in Switzerland, ensuring its high quality
  • This is an official Wenger product that is serviceable with spare parts sold by the manufacturer

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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