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About View Swim Pirana Mirrored Swimming Goggle

The VIEW Swim Pirana Goggles are part of VIEW Swims Masters Racing Goggles Line. Designed with the Swimmer's Comfort-in-Mind the Goggles feature a Wide-View and Soft Fitting to Increase Comfort. They have UV Protection, Super Anti-Fog Treatment and an Adjustable Split Strap. The Pirana Goggles Mirrored Polycarbonate Lenses, Help Reduce Glare by Reflecting Sun-Light, this feature Drastically-Improves a Swimmer's Vision.

VIEW's Super Anti-Fog Treatment provides Long-Lasting Protection against Fogging caused by Perspiration and Heat. By Wetting-the-Inside of the Lenses before use Creates-a-Film of Water that ensures a Clear Field of View and allows the treatment to Work Effectively. VIEW's UV Cut Technology provides Superior Protection from Harmful Ultraviolet (U.V.) Rays. Increasing Exposure to U.V. Rays which Damage the Skin and Eyes has become a Serious Problem. U.V. Protection provides Greater-Eye-Protection during Outdoor Use. The Pirana Swimming Goggles come with 3-Interchangable Nosepieces for a Custom Fit. Goggles are available in Multiple Color Choices and are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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