Uwatec Meridian Wrist Computer, Silver

Uwatec Meridian Wrist Computer, Silver Features

What's in the box: Computer and Owner's Manual

The Meridian is a very practical instrument that incorporates state-of-the-art microchip technology and several basic dive instruments into a compact information center. Engineered by divers for divers, the Scubapro Meridian performs advanced functions in timeless style above and below the surface. Use Meridian as a multi-functional wrist watch for everyday use or, dive in Scuba, Free Dive or Gauge modes. Scubapro delivers the best. Displays are visually clear and easy to navigate. An intuitive +/- push of a button leads you to more advanced information and data. The Meridian is housed in the highest marine grade 316L-stainless steel two-toned brushed finish case for heavy-duty longevity with a designer look!

Meridian uses the latest in Micro-Bubble Suppression Technology, computer allows you to select one of six micro bubble suppression levels to minimize critical micro bubble formation from single or repetitive exposures. 2 nitrox Mix capabilities allows the programming of up to two nitrox mixes prior to the dive and calculates the decompression status foreseeing the switch to the other gases. It accounts only for the actual switches made by the diver and constantly updates its decompression calculations in case of missed or delayed switches. nitrox compatibility 21 - 100% Customize your MOD and ppo2 max at the time of O2 mix setting (in 1% increments). In case of decompression tanks, set the depth switch based on your personal preferences. The Meridian combines the sophisticated algorithm (ZH-l8 ADT MB PMG) with the compact size and accessibility. This exclusive eight tissue with half times of (5 to 640) minutes algorithm increases safety and optimizes bottom time by constantly adjusting the decompression plan during the dive when risk factors like, fast ascents or the potential for formation of micro bubbles are detected.

PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) optimizes your dive by calculating an intermediate stop based on how much nitrogen uptake your body has endured, taking into account your current dive, previous dives and breathing mixes. PDIS is a unique scientific application for safer technical and recreational diving. Meridian includes precision digital depth gauge, dive time, and thermometer: displays actual and maximum depth up to 1082' (330 meters), dive time and temperature (water and air). Automatic turn-on and off: it is automatically ready to dive after a self-test. Other features include: surface interval displayed for 24 hours, surface interval displayed for 24 hours, logbook for the last nine dives, automatic altitude compensation, variable ascent rates in % and fast ascent warning; variable ascent rate warning 20'-66'/minute (6-20 meters) for safer diving, long battery life for over one thousand 1-hour dives an temperature (water and air). Computer is equipped with a durable rubber wrist band, includes a comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art Microchip Technology
  • Compact Information Center
  • Engineered by Divers for Divers
  • Advanced Functions in Timeless Style Above and Below the Surface
  • Multi-Functional Wrist Watch for Everyday Use
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Modes
  • Micro-Bubble Suppression Technology
  • 2 Nitrox Mix Capabilities
  • Nitrox Compatibility 21 - 100%
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops)
  • Back Light
  • Surface Interval Displayed for 24 Hours
  • Logbook for the Last Nine Dives
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation
  • Long Battery Life for Over One Thousand 1-Hour Dives
  • Temperature (water and air)
  • And Much More!
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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