Uwatec Heart Rate Monitor Kit for Galileo & Luna Computers

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About Uwatec Heart Rate Monitor Kit for Galileo & Luna Computers

The heart rate is an important indicator for arising stress. This has been known for a long time. The sports industry has reacted to this and is offering an array of products for ambitious athletes to analyze and evaluate their training. Whether you're a passionate recreational athlete, a professional marathon runner or a health conscious retiree today a heart rate meter is almost a standard piece of equipment. So why not use this technology in diving as well? With the aid of a heart rate monitor you can keep an eye on the heartbeat underwater as well and are thereby able to make your dives even safer. By monitoring the heart rate, the workload can be better assessed and the diver can react to heightened stress in a timely manner. Furthermore, by measuring the heart rate you can specifically train to increase your endurance in advance.

Since increased exertion while diving in deep water increases circulation and this in turn increases the nitrogen uptake, the heart rate can also be used to calculate decompression times even more accurately and make diving even safer. That's why the SCUBAPRO computers don't just show depth, no-stop times and the decompression schedule but also continuously inform the underwater athlete about his or her own heart rate, i.e. his or her personal stress, which in turn is factored in when calculating other dive parameters. However, there are several factors to consider when using the heart rate while diving.

If you're a Serious Diver, and are looking for Increased Safety when Diving with the Uwatec Galileo, Terra or Luna Dive Computers (see SKU's: UTCGS, UTCGL, UTCGLW) you are going to want the Uwatec Heart Rate Monitor. Galileo's Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), jointly developed with Polar (world leader in the field of heart rate monitors), not only Measures-and-Records the Heartbeat during the Dive but allows the Dive Computer to Factor the Intensity of the Exercise into the Decompression Calculation, as it is Reported by the Diver's Physiology. The HRM is also ideal for Apnea Divers (Free Divers), Measuring Heart Rate and Sounding an Alarm if the Heart Rate Drops below the Set Level. The Heart Rate Monitor comes with Monitor Belt & Strap, Key Code to Download the Upgrade and Owner's Manual. Monitor is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


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