Uwatec Digital Depth Gauge 330m Wrist Mount, Imperial

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About Uwatec Digital Depth Gauge 330m Wrist Mount, Imperial

The Uwatec Digital Depth Gauge is an advanced wrist style gauge that caters to those who enjoy pre-planning their dives with dive table. This gauge does everything an expensive dive computer does except it doesn t contain a dive table algorithm.

The Uwatec Depth Gauge incorporates advanced chip technologies and a few standard dive instruments to offer you information about your dive. It includes a digital depth gauge that displays current and maximum depth, bottom-time keeper, thermometer, automatic altitude adjustment and warning signals for fast ascents. The Gauge has a wet sensor for automatic on/off and is rated to 330 m/1082 ft. Additionally it will display your surface interval time for up to 24 hours and keeps a logbook for your 9 previous dives.

Keep in mind, with the Uwatec Digital Depth Gauge, you will need to break out the old dive tables and pre-plan your dives as it will not keep track of nitrogen loading.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


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