Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Hoseless Computer with Transmitter

Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Hoseless Computer with Transmitter Features

What's in the box: Wrist Computer, Transmitter

The Smart Tec is a wrist mounted, hose-less, gas-integrated dive computer that can monitor the nitrox mixtures from 21 to 100% in asmany as three tanks You can set your depth limit up to 400 ft Divers who are in cold water have a different rate of air consumption then a diver in warm water The Smart Tec considers this in its air consumption calculations and will adjust the consumption time accordingly Decompression status is up-dated when switching to another gas mixture and the computer will compensate if switch to another gas is not made or is made late The features of this computer continue making it one of the most comprehensive dive computers available Oh yea! It's an alarm clock too

Key Features

  • Monitor nitrox mixtures (from 21 to 100%) in up to three tanks (two optional transmitters required)
  • User-defined maximum depth limit (maximum depth 400')
  • Compensates for temperature when computing remaining bottom time for tank in use
  • Calculates decompression status, including the switch to other gases. Compensates if switch to another gas is not made or made late.
  • Safety monitors and alerting systems include: decompression stop indicator, ascent rate monitor, de-saturation time indicator, increased effort warning, lowbattery alert
  • Automatically calculates (and re-calculates, if necessary) surface time intervals, decompression stops.
  • Displays current depth and maximum depth
  • User-defined maximum allowed O2 partial pressure
  • User-maintained safety stop timer
  • User-maintained bookmark feature notes key points during dive
  • User settable backlight duration
  • Automatically adjustments for entering and exiting high-altitude diving areas
  • Log book stores up to 100 hours of dive information
  • Wireless technology allows diver to transmit the dive data to a PC
  • Watch Features:
    Twelve or twenty four-hour display format
    Calendar (Date and day) display

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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