Uwatec Aladin Smart Pro Air/Nitrox Computer Console

SKU: UTCASMPC MFR: 06.000.071

About Uwatec Aladin Smart Pro Air/Nitrox Computer Console

The Smart Pro decompression computer allows divers to plan and conduct decompression dives, regardless if they have air or Nitrox in their tanks

The Smart Pro offers controllable microbubble suppression, something that is sought after by professional divers Plainly stated, this feature allows divers to use one of five bubble suppression levels to minimize the formation of bubbles in the diver's soft tissue after repetitive dives This reduces the damage that can be sustained by soft tissue due to prolonged exposure to diving at depth

Another highly-touted feature of the Smart Pro is its Buhlman ZH L8 ADT MB (adaptive) algorithm, which considers the diver's behavior The Smart Pro takes water temperature, decompression times, and ascent rate violation into consideration and, if necessary, creates alternative dive, decompression, and surface time plans for the diver

After the dive, Smart PRO's infrared technology allows the diver to transmit the dive data to a PC

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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Uwatec Aladin Smart Pro Air/Nitrox Computer Console Features

  • Display shield
  • Auto on/off functionality
  • Multiple manually adjusted microbubble suppression levels
  • High microbubble level alerting system
  • Dive depth 0-120m (0-395ft)
  • Displays ambient and water temperatures, dive time, maximum depth
  • Ignored decompression stop alarm
  • Display instructions in the event of a missed decompression stop
  • No fly icon and time display
  • Logbook stores up to 100 hours of diving
  • Metric/imperial display options
  • Infrared Communication (IrDA) with SmartTrak
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