Uwatec Aladin Smart Com Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Dive Computer Console

Uwatec Aladin Smart Com Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Dive Computer Console Features

What's in the box: Computer, Quick Disconnect HP Hose, Gauge Guard, Protective Bag

The Smart COM is an air-integrated computer that automatically calculates the diver's air requirements in order to make any required decompression stops and maintain a safe ascent rate When the Uwatec people included "smart" in this dive computer's name, they weren't joking around - it monitors the diver's breathing rates and adjusts the decompression information accordingly In addition, the Smart COM can accommodate air or Nitrox and it come standard with a Nitrox dive planner

The Smart COM offers diver-controlled microbubble suppression, something that is sought after by professional divers Plainly stated, this feature allows divers to use one of five bubble suppression levels to minimize the formation of bubbles in the diver's soft tissue after repetitive dives This reduces the damage that can be sustained by soft tissue due to prolonged exposure to diving at depth

Key Features

  • Auto on/off functionality
  • Protective screen shield
  • Safety features: Tank pressure display (PSI/BAR), long batter life (500-1000 dives)
  • Infrared technology allows diver to transmit the dive data to a PC
  • Adjusts calculations based on oxygen mix levels
  • The battery capacity can be checked any time on the surface after the Smart has been switched on.
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Metric/imperial display options
  • Nitrox dive planner
  • Logbook stores up to 99 dives (50 hours)
  • Illuminated display
  • Enlarged high-resolution display for easy image recognition

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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