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Oceanic Atom 3.0 Hoseless Computer with Transmitter

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About Oceanic Atom 3.0 Hoseless Computer with Transmitter

The Oceanic ATOM 3.1 withstands high pressure - making it perfect for the office. The ATOM 3.1 is equally at home when worn with wetsuit or a three-piece suit. Don't be deceived by its easy to read display and intuitive user interface -- this small format powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles you would expect from Oceanic. The ATOM 3.1 presents your critical dive data including depth, no-deco time remaining, cylinder pressure, air time remaining, and elapsed dive time - all on a clear easy-to-read display. Featuring a host of new features including Oceanic's exclusive Dual Algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16c based PZ+, or DSAT based, algorithm, the ATOM 3.1 is a stylish rugged device that can be worn as watch topside and can monitor up to 3 wireless transmitters and Nitrox mixes underwater.

The ATOM 3.1 is powered by Oceanic's exclusive dual algorithm allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm basis that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. Wireless air integrated technology allows streamlined and accurate monitoring of tank pressure. When coupled with the transmitter the ATOM3.1 provides the following unique features:
Air Time Remaining (ATR):
The ATR feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status to tell exactly how much time you can remain underwater. The ATOM 3.1 dive computer continually displays ATR via a numerical bar graph in addition to cylinder pressure. You may also display ATR in oversized digits at any time with the press of a button.

Dive Time Remaining (DTR):
Dive Time Remaining, like air time remaining provides a 'real' number in minutes. This calculation combine's air time remaining, nitrogen and oxygen absorption, displaying whichever allows less time. The Oceanic ATOM 3.1 has 4 operating modes: WATCH (alternate time, chrono, daily alarm, countdown timer), NORM (air and nitrox), GAUGE (with run timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to allow switching between NORM and Free). Switch between 3 independent transmitters, with up to 3 nitrox mixes to 100% O2. Improved user-interface with "Step Back" history - allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings. Safety stop - auto (with adjustable stop time and depth) + manual (run timer) and buddy pressure check allows you to receive and monitor up to 3 independent transmitters with up to 3 nitrox mixtures to 100% O2.

Single button access to "last dive" display (max depth & bottom time), deep stop with countdown timer, customizable audible alarms with flashing red LED light, data retention - allows between dive battery replacement, history mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temp and OceanLog PC download and settings upload software and USB Cable included. The computer is firmware update ready. The computers altitude algorithm is Buhlmann, IANDT, RDP (Cross) with altitude correction and O2 limits based on the NOAA tables and provides altitude adjustability from 3,001' to 14,000' (916 to 4,200 meters). The Computer has an operational depth of 330' (100 meters). When in low light conditions the ATOM 3.1 is equipped with Ocean-Glo backlight with an adjustable duration function. The computer is powered by a CR2430 lithium battery that can provide up to 300-dive hours. The computer allows battery hot swap to retain dive data along with a graphic low battery indicator. The Transmitter is powered by a user Replaceable 3.6-Volt CR2 Battery. The ATOM 3.1 has a 24 dive memory for NORM/GAUGE. The computer comes with a comprehensive owner's manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 2 months.

Oceanic Atom 3.0 Hoseless Computer with Transmitter Features

  • Oceanic Atom 3.1 Air Integrated Dive Computer (w/ Trans.)
  • Withstands High Pressure - Making it Perfect for the Office
  • Equally at Home when Worn with Wetsuit or a Three-Piece Suit
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Delivers All the Bells & Whistles You Expect from Oceanic
  • Presents Critical Dive Data:
    Depth, No-Deco Time Remaining
    Cylinder Pressure Air Time Remaining
    Elapsed Dive Time
    All On a Clear Easy-to-Read Display
  • Oceanic's Exclusive Dual Algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16c Based PZ+, or DSAT Based
  • Stylish Rugged Device: Worn as Watch Topside
    Can Monitor Up to 3 Wireless Transmitters & Nitrox Mixes U/W
  • Wireless Air Integrated Technology: Streamlined, Accurate Monitoring of Air
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR):
    Calculates Current Depth, Tank Pressure, Breathing Rate, Ascent Time, and Decompression Status
    Tells Exact Time Diver Can Remain Underwater
    Displays ATR via Numerical Bar Graph
    Display ATR in Oversized Digits
  • Dive Time Remaining (DTR):
    Provides a 'Real" Number in Minutes
    Calculation Combines Nitrogen and Oxygen Absorption
    Displaying Whichever Allows Less Time
    Graphic NDC, or OTR Will Identify Which Time is Being Displayed
    NDC Maximum Amount of Time at Present Depth before Entering Decompression
  • Wireless Air-Integration, Remote Buddy Pressure Check
  • Switch Between 3-Independent Transmitters, with up to 3-NITROX Mixes to 100% O2
  • Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • Gauge Mode with Run-Timer
  • Watch, Norm (AIR/NITROX) Gauge, and Free Dive Modes of Operation
  • Water or Push Button Activated
  • Personal Conservative Factor Adjustments (PCFA)
  • Altitude Adjustability from 3,001' to 14,000' (916 to 4,200 meters)
  • Operational Depth: 330' (200 meters)
  • Smart-Glo Backlight with Adjustable Duration Function for Low Light Conditions
  • Computer User Replaceable 3 Volt CR2430 Lithium Battery
  • Transmitter User Replaceable 3.6 Volt CR2 Battery
  • Battery Life, 300-Dive Hours
  • Computer Battery Hot Swap to Retain-Dive-Data
  • Computer Graphic Low Battery Indicator
  • Alarm Acknowledgment, Ascent Rate Range, Ascent Rate Maximum
  • Decompression Capacity of 10' to 60' (3 to 18 meters), Deep Stop Function
  • Automatic Safety Stop Prompt
  • Audible Alarms, Calendar/Clock, 24 Hour Time to Fly Countdown
  • Dive Mode Displays, High O2 and PO2 Alarm/Warnings
  • Calculated De-Saturation Fly Countdown
  • 24 Dive On-Board Log Capacity (99 Free Dive)
  • Temperature Display
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Tissue Loading and Loading Bar Graphs
  • Set Back: Easy Settings Preview & Settings to be Changed While Viewing Menus
  • Single button access to "Last Dive" display (max depth & bottom time)
  • Customizable Audible Alarms with flashing red LED light
  • Free Dive Settings, Unit of Measurement Setting and Much More
  • USB Cable, Oceanic Ocean Log PC Download, and PC Setting Upload
  • User Upgradeable Firmware
  • Digital Online Class
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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