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Uwatec Aladin Air Z Nitrox Hoseless Computer

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Uwatec Aladin Air Z Nitrox Hoseless Computer $125.00

About Uwatec Aladin Air Z Nitrox Hoseless Computer

The Air Z O2 is a very versatile and adaptable diving computer; divers can use it with air, Nitrox, or a semi-closed rebreather (SCR). In addition to its flexibility, the Air Z O2 has proven itself to be a reliable underwater resource. It calculates the diver's decompression stops based on actual nitrogen loading; the Air Z O2's rivals use estimated nitrogen levels when calculating decompression requirements. The Air Z O2 adjusts decompression requirements for microbubbles and cold-water diving. When the Air Z O2 is used with a SCR, the diver receives real-time data, including the diver's actual gas intake composition.

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