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Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Hoseless Complete

99 % Battery - Complete with Box & Man

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About Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Hoseless Complete

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This product has a limited warranty of 2 months.

Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Hoseless Complete Features

  • Monitor nitrox mixtures (from 21 to 100%) in up to three tanks (two optional transmitters required)
  • User-defined maximum depth limit (maximum depth 400')
  • Compensates for temperature when computing remaining bottom time for tank in use
  • Calculates decompression status, including the switch to other gases. Compensates if switch to another gas is not made or made late.
  • Safety monitors and alerting systems include: decompression stop indicator, ascent rate monitor, de-saturation time indicator, increased effort warning, lowbattery alert
  • Automatically calculates (and re-calculates, if necessary) surface time intervals, decompression stops.
  • Displays current depth and maximum depth
  • User-defined maximum allowed O2 partial pressure
  • User-maintained safety stop timer
  • User-maintained bookmark feature notes key points during dive
  • User settable backlight duration
  • Automatically adjustments for entering and exiting high-altitude diving areas
  • Log book stores up to 100 hours of dive information
  • Wireless technology allows diver to transmit the dive data to a PC
  • Watch Features:
    Twelve or twenty four-hour display format
    Calendar (Date and day) display

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