Uni-Quik Twist Female (QTF)

Uni-Quik Twist Female (QTF) Features

What's in the box: Uni-Quik Twist Female

Gauges, computers, game bags, dive lights, cameras, slates, you name it a diver wants to secure it to their BCD or weight belt Thisneed is fulfilled by the use of clips and webbing The Uni-Quik Twist Female can meet this need Made from corrosion resistance plastic, and nylon webbing it can be attached to the male buckle which come standard on most BCD's or loopedthrough a "D-Ring" of the BCD It's always good to have some extra clips in your Save-A-Dive Kit

Key Features

  • Uni-Quik Twist Female:
  • Attach to BCD Male Buckle/D-Ring/ Strap or Belt Webbing
  • Great for Attaching Accessories-Lights-Gauges-Cameras-Game Bags
  • Non-Corrosive Construction
  • Impact Resistant Plastic Female Quick-Release Buckle End
  • Durable Nylon Webbing
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item