SS #2 Carabiner with webbing and Female end

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About SS #2 Carabiner with webbing and Female end

Carabiner: an oblong metal ring with a spring clip or locking devise; used in mountaineering to attach a rope to a piton or to connect two ropes. Strong and dependable for climbing it will also work well for diving. Gauges, computers, game bags, dive lights, cameras, slates, you name it a diver wants to secure it to their BCD or weight belt. This need is fulfilled by the use of clips and webbing. This Carabiner with Q/R Female End can meet that need. Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, plastic and nylon webbing carabiner has spring loaded gate mechanism for positive retention, attached to the carabiner is a female quick release buckle and male quick release with nylon webbing loop it can be attached to the webbing of your BCD or weight belt a handy item for your Save-A-Dive Kit.

SS #2 Carabiner with webbing and Female end Features

  • Corrosive Resistant Construction
  • Attach to BCD Male Buckle/D-Ring/ Strap or Belt Webbing
  • Great for Attaching Accessories-Lights-Gauges-Cameras-Game Bags
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
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