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About Lanyard with Female end Clip

Dive Lights, cameras and game measuring devises all need to be at your finger tips, but you also need to use your hands to work and adjust your life support equipment. Placing the light or camera down on the bottom is not an option. A lanyard is the ultimate answer for the diver who needs to let go of accessory items, but want them at fingertip reach. This Uni-Quick Lanyard with Quick Disconnect Female Clip can meet that need, loop the lanyard around your wrest attach the clip to a male quick disconnect attached toyour accessory and you are ready to go. When you need the use of your hands, you simply let go of the light, camera or gauge and it hangs on your wrest freeing up your hand when needed. It's always good to have some extra clips in your Save-A-Dive Kit.

Lanyard with Female end Clip Features

  • Allows Hands-Free Use of Accessories
  • Corrosion Free Construction
  • Great for Attaching Accessories-Lights-Gauges-Cameras-Game Bags
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
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