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Underwater Kinetics Sea Turtle Pak Set, Yellow

Underwater Kinetics Sea Turtle Pak Set, Yellow Features

What's in the box: C4 eLED Dive Light, Mini Q40 eLED Dive Light, Dive Beacon Light

This has the C4 eLed, Mini Q40 eLed and the Beacon Lights, all in a nice package.

C4 eLED Dive Light:

Unlike the standard glass envelope lamps used since Edison, the LED will not break when dropped. The life expectancy is well over 5000 hours. The light emitted by the LED (light emitting diode) is similar to sunlight and travels farther underwater than the more yellow light from an Edison lamp. In addition a power control circuit is built into the light to help maintain the same brightness throughout the discharge of a set of batteries. A tough O-ring sealed ABS and polycarbonate case protects the components all the way down to 500 feet.The small size of the C4 eLEDÈ makes it ideal for revealing the incredible marine life hidden under ledges.

Mini Q40 eLED Dive Light;
The high-intensity Mini Q40 eLED is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands-free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. The 1-watte LED emitter gives light as white as daylight, makes batteries last longer, and will not burn out under normal use.

Beacon Dive Light:
Make sure you are seen at night by fellow divers with this dependable high-visibility red personal marker beacon. This light's long burn time and highbrightness make it a perfect chemical light stick replacement.

Key Features

  • Three Light Set
  • Great for Day or Night Use
  • eLED Light Technology
  • Save Money with Pak
  • Lanyard or Mask Strap Attachment

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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