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Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Kit For C4

Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Kit For C4 Features

What's in the box: Battery pack, Charger, Reflector, 10 watt lamp, w/ Twin Lamp Reflector

Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Kit For C4
Make your non-rechargeable C4 Xenon light rechargeable with the Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Kit For C4. It comprises of the necessary parts to make your primary dive light rechargeable. Its 10 watts Xenon-filled lamp allows your dive light to project brighter luminosity similar to natural light. With a 6.6 watts lamp and a 10 watts lamp in your C4 dive light, you can choose to project light in high beam or low beam. To direct and shape the light generated from the lamps, the kit even includes a durable reflector. Aside from upgrading the lamp system, you can also change the power source of the dive light from Alkaline batteries to a NiCad battery pack that is rechargeable with the included AC charger with a two-blade American style plug. By making your non-rechargeable dive light rechargeable, you won't have to bring extra batteries on your trip. So when your dive light runs out of juice, you can simply plug it in your nearest wall socket. Make your C4 dive light more convenient by upgrading it with the Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Kit For C4.

Key Features

  • AC power supply for two-prong Australian/New Zealand style plug
  • NiCad battery pack
  • Spring
  • Reflector
  • 10 watt lamp

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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