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Underwater Kinetics Pro-Pak Set; C8, Mini Q40 Lights, Remora BCD Knife

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About Underwater Kinetics Pro-Pak Set; C8, Mini Q40 Lights, Remora BCD Knife

When UK asked expert divers what three things they needed for a great dive, they came back with the products that now comprise our Pro Pak. Our C8 Xenon Light is powerful, long-lasting and reliable, providing bright light in every underwater condition. For hands free lighting, the Mini Q40 Xenon can be attached to your mask strap. Safety is essential, so we've included the Remora knife. Although remarkably lightweight, it easily cuts through rope or line. Light are equipped with a lanyard or a mask strap attachment. Knife comes with sheath and hose/fabric attachments

C8 Dive Light
No dive would be complete without UK's C8 Xenon, a favorite primary light for divers all over the world. Its shock absorbent bezel protection and tough ABS construction provides the ultimate in durability. Its twin lamps illuminate with brilliant color-rendering for a truly memorable diving experience. Compact but bright, the sunlight C8 is a great choice for divers who want to travel light and may not always be near electricity to recharge their lights. In addition, the unique dual-lamp system allows for a safety backup and 60 hours total lamp life.

A tough O-ring sealed ABS and polycarbonate case protects the components all the way down to 500' (152.4 meters). The C8 is powered by 8 Disposable C"-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included), or if you wish to upgrade it with a rechargeable kit the SKU: UKTRKC8 is available eliminating the need for replacement power cells. With Alkaline Batteries the light has a Burn Time of 4 to 5 Hours. The C8 Dive Lights Dual 13.2-Watt Xenon Lamps produce 338 Lumens of Brightness. The light measures 6.6" x 5.6" x 3.2" (16.76 x 14.22 x 8.13 cm) and weighs 35 oz (992.23 g). The C8 Light is equipped with a Non-Breakable Locking Switch that Prevents Accidental Actuation when in your gear bag and also has a Protective Heavy Rubber Lens Boot for Drop Protection. Light Handle is a Pistol Grip Design and comes with an Adjustable Rubber Sleeved Wrist Lanyard. Light comes with an Owner's Manual.

Mini Q40 Dive Light:
Lobster diving or photography can really get your hands full. How do I keep light on my subject or that five pound lobster with either my camera or game bag or hunting tools in hand? The high-intensity Mini Q40 is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands-free illumination of camera settings, hunting, gauges and close-up marine life. It outshines many lights three times its size. Light comes equipped with a mask strap attachment and 2.1 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp. Works well as a photographers spotting light. MiniQ40 Light fits Sea & Sea, Ultra-Light and other camera mounting adapters. All this versatility in a tough ABS polycarbonate body with rubber shock resistant bezel cover makes the Mini Q40 the light for you.

This unique light produces 38 Lumens of Brightness with the single Xenon Lamp. The light is powered by 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (included) with a Burn Time of 4 to 5 Hours. With optional Lithium Batteries the light will get a Burn Time of 9 to 10 Hours. The Mini Q40 Light measures 6.1" x 1.6" x 1.4" (15.49 x 4.06 x 3.56 cm) and weighs 5.4 oz (153.09 g). Light is Depth Rated to 500' (152.4 meters). The Mini Q40 comes with an Owner's Manual and both lights are proudly made in the USA.

Remora Dive Knife:
Its small size, attachments for belt, hose or fabric and no-maintenance design make the Remora the emergency knife for all divers. The Remora has a Blunt Tip with a Blade Length of 2.9" (7.37 cm) and an Overall Dimensions of 6.5" x 1.8" x .57" (16.51 x 4.57 x 1.45 cm). The knife weighs 4.10 oz (116.23 g), has a Serrated Edge and is made from Underwater Kinetics Special Hydra-Alloy. Knife comes with an Owner's Manual.

The Underwater Kinetics Pro-Pak Set; C8, Mini Q40 Lights, Remora BCD Knife is commonly used for Night Diving, Recreational and more. The Underwater Kinetics Pro-Pak Set; C8, Mini Q40 Lights, Remora BCD Knife is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Underwater Kinetics Pro-Pak Set; C8, Mini Q40 Lights, Remora BCD Knife: Compact, High Intensity, Reliable, Well-Focused.

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