Underwater Kinetics Fathom Pak Set, Includes the C8, SL4 and Mini Q40 Lights and a Dive Beacon Light

Underwater Kinetics Fathom Pak Set, Includes the C8, SL4 and Mini Q40 Lights and a Dive Beacon Light Features

What's in the box: C8 Light, SL4 Light, Mini Q40 Light, Dive Beacon (all with batteries & lanyards included)

UK lights are known among divers as the gold standard in underwater illumination. Our Fathom Pak contains a complete set of four xenon lights, perfect for enhancing every dive. The C8 Xenon is small and lightweight, yet intensely bright. Its xenon lamp improves color clarity underwater. The Mini Q40 can be attached to your mask strap leaving your hands free to explore. Our powerful SL4 light is provided as a compact, reliable secondary light. The Dive Beacon helps others see you underwater or on the surface at night. Light are equipped with a lanyard or a mask strap attachment.

C8 Dive Light
Compact but bright, the sunlight C8 is a great choice for divers who want to travel light and may not always be near electricity for recharging their batteries. In addition, the unique dual lamp system allows for a safety backup and 60 hours total lamp life.

SL4 Dive Light
The SL4 has to be the smallest and brightest 4 C-cell dive light made! It emits a narrow and penetrating beam, which allows you to seek out unique marine life found under ledges. It also works well when attached to protective head gear in technical diving applications.

Mini Q40 Dive Light
The high-intensity Mini Q40 is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands-free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. It outshines many lights three times its size.

Dive Beacon Light
Make sure you are seen at night by fellow divers with this dependable high-visibility red personal marker beacon.

Key Features

  • Four Light Set
  • Great for Day or Night Use
  • Xenon Light Technology
  • Save Money with Pak
  • Lanyard or Mask Strap Attachment

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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