Aqualung Titan LX ACD Regulator, DIN

Aqualung Titan LX ACD Regulator, DIN Features

What's in the box: 1'st and 2'nd Stage Regulators, LP Hose and Owner's Manual

The Ever-Popular Titan LX is not only Light Weight and Travel-Friendly; it comes standard with Aqua Lung's Auto-Closure Devise (ACD) The Ease-of-Breathing is Rated Superior on the ANSTI Breathing Machine All this, along with an Attractive Mid-Range Price, makes the Titan LX a sure value

The Titan LX First Stage is a Balanced Diaphragm Design The Balanced Diaphragm, Chrome Plated Marine Brass First Stage Regulator is inherently Environmentally Sealed The benefit of this type of First Stage design is that none of the Delicate Internal Parts are Exposed-to-Contaminants such as Salt, Sand, Chlorine or Pool Acids These Environmental Contaminants can cause Corrosion and Mineral Deposits to form on the Internal Mechanism Deteriorating Regulator Performance A Diaphragm First Stage Regulator requires Less-Maintenance then Regulators that allow the Contaminates to enter the Internal Mechanism

The Diaphragm of the First Stage Regulator forms a Membrane Barrier between the Environment and the Internal Mechanism The Diaphragm Membrane Transmits Pressure Changes to the Mechanism keeping the Internal Parts cleaner and Contaminant Free The Titan LX takes this Protection One-Step-Further with the Auto-Closure Devise (ACD) The ACD keeps Corrosive Water out of the First Stage thereby ensuring Top Performance The ACD Seals the Regulator's Inlet Fitting, as soon as the Regulator is Removed-from-the-Cylinder Valve This will keep Water and Contaminants Out-of-the-Regulator's First Stage during Rinsing and Storage It allows the First Stage to Maintain Peak Performance Over-Time, will Retain-its-Internal Lubrication-Longer and makes the First Stage Safer for Nitrox Use

When the Regulator is Clamped onto the Scuba Cylinder, the Inlet Crown Retracts thereby Exposing the Gas Inlet in the Center Valve Post This provides a Steady Flow of Breathing Gas to the First Stage without any Restrictions The Titan's unique Forged Body is T-Shaped for better Hose Routing and comes with an Outer-Skin The T-Shape uses Less-Brass making it more-Compact than its Predecessor and the Skin provides Protection The First Stage Regulator has 4 Low Pressure Ports 3/8" UNF Thread and 2 High Pressure Ports 7/16 UNF Thread The Titan Regulator is Compatible with Nitrox Mixtures up to 40% O2 Out-of-the-Box

The Titan LX Second Stage Regulator is a Pneumatically Balanced Design A Pneumatically Balanced design delivers Gas at a Constant Pressure so Work-of-Breathing remains Effortless Independent of Depth or Tank Pressure In Short a Pneumatically-Balanced Second Stage results in Superior Ease-of-Breathing The Second Stage is equipped with an Easy-to-Grip Venturi Lever that Stops unwanted Free-Flow when the Regulator is Out-of-your-Mouth The Titan LX Second Stage comes with Aqua Lung's Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece which Reduces Jaw Fatigue The Regulator Housing, Exhaust Tee, and Adjustment Knob are manufactured from Durable ABS with a Soft Polyurethane Cover The Mouthpiece, Exhaust Valve and Diaphragm are Silicone The Titan Regulator is equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose, weighs 28 48 oz (807 4 g) and comes with an Owner's Manual

Key Features

  • Comfortable, Light-Weight and Easy-Breathing Regulator
  • Weight: 28.48 oz (807.4 g)
  • Performance at a Mid-Range Price with Ease of Maintenance
  • 3/8" Thread 29" (73.7 cm) Hose
  • Compatible with Nitrox Mixtures Up to 40% O2 Out-of-the-Box
  • Owner's Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • First Stage:
  • Balanced Diaphragm Design
  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed
  • Delicate Internal Parts Not Exposed-to-Contaminants
  • Requires Less-Maintenance
  • Aqua Lung's Auto-Closure Devise (ACD):
    ACD Keeps Corrosive Water and Contaminants Out-of-the-First Stage when Rinsing and in Storage
    Ensures Top Performance
    Seals Regulator's Inlet Fitting when Removed-from-the-Cylinder Valve
    Retain Internal Lubrication-Longer
    Safer for Nitrox Use
  • Material: Chrome Plated Marine Brass with Protective Outer-Skin
  • T-Shape Body: Less Brass, More Compact and Better Hose Routing
  • 4 Low Pressure Ports 3/8"-24 UNF Thread
  • 2 High Pressure Ports 7/16"-20 UNF Thread
  • Second Stage:
  • Pneumatically Balanced Demand Valve Design
  • Easy-to-Grip Venturi Lever Stops Free-Flow
  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece: Reduces Jaw Fatigue
  • Materials:
    Housing, Exhaust Tee, and Adjustment Lever: Durable ABS
    Cover: Soft Polyurethane
    Mouthpiece, Exhaust Valve and Diaphragm: Silicone

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.