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About Aqua Lung X Shot Open Heel Fins

The Aqua Lung X Shot Open Heel Fin is an accumulation of Aqua Lung s proven HotShot and SlingShot fins. The end result is an extremely comfortable yet incredibly powerful fin.

The innovative X Shot features a new Power Zone that is located in front of the foot pocket that provides immense power with each kick. This new Power Zone provides a mid-foot pivot point that translates to less fatigue and optimal energy transfer. Also new to the X Shot is the Power Transmission Zone . This feature takes advantage of lost energy in the foot pocket by effectively locking the foot in place so that no energy is lost by slippage or stretching of the foot pocket.

The X shot comes standard with Aqua Lung s spring strap and proprietary buckles for even more comfort and security. And if you thought these fins couldn t get any better, they do. The blade is constructed with high performance elastomer. This results in a flexible blade that gives a spoon effect to push more water with each foot stroke. The Aqua Lung X Shot Open Heel Fin is the new ultimate in comfort and performance and a perfect option for any level of diving.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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