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TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles


TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles Features

What's in the box: TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles

TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles
The TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles are performance goggles that transcend traditional design. The Nest Pro's has Polypropylene Over-Mold Frame that provides unique high-tech structure design. Its Head Strap features Patented Glide Clip System which allows easy on-head adjustment and it conforms to side of head while flat back straps allow for secure fit. Its frame/gasket features a dual-injected system with over-molded nose bridge. It has wide peripheral Cellulose Propionate (CP) Lenses which feature imbedded Anti-Fog properties and are UV Protected. The TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggles are an ideal goggle choice for performance, training, open- water and triathlon applications.

Key Features

  • Performance Goggles
  • Transcend Traditional Design
  • Frame Creates Unique Grid-Like Effect
  • Bird's Nest-Intertwined
  • TPR Frame/Gasket-Dual-Injected System
  • Over-Molded Nose Bridge
  • Patented Glide Clip System
  • Easy On-Head Adjustment
  • Double Varied Tensile Strength (VTS) Silicone
  • Head Strap
  • Wide Peripheral Cellulose Propionate (CP) Lenses
  • Imbedded Anti-Fog Properties
  • UV Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Water-Tight Fit
  • Four Color Choices