Tektite SEARAY-4 240 lumen LED Light

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Tektite SEARAY-4 240 lumen LED Light Features

What's in the box: Light,Glare guard and adjustable,Cushioned wrist lanyard.

Computer machined from a solid bar of Aluminum, the SeaRay-4 is a compact dive light powered by an ultrabright LED. This 5-Watt LED dive light produces 200+ Lumens of solar-quality white light that is equivalent to more than 150 regular LEDs. Special 10 degree narrow-beam optics allow the SeaRay-4 to cut through murky water with minimal backscatter. The 5,500 K color temperature of the SeaRay-4 is solar-quality, allowing for accurate color rendition regardless of depth. This palm-size light will easily fit into the smallest BC pocket