Tusa SS-60 Octopus, Yellow

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  • High visibility yellow cover
  • Fail safe downstream demand valve
  • Large and flexible exhaust valve
  • Streamline design
  • Smooth diaphragm action
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About Tusa SS-60 Octopus, Yellow

This TUSA Octopus offers an Ideal Balance of Quality, Comfort, and Reliability. The SS-60 regulator's Fail-Safe Downstream Valve means you can dive breathing easily - both literally and figuratively. The SS-60 Safe-Second shares the same features as the S-60 but with a High Visibility Yellow Purge Cover and 39" (99 cm) long Yellow Hose. The "Surface" or "Dive" Control allows the user to set the ease of breathing for varying sections of the dive. The surface position decreases the likelihood of a free flow and also is recommended for cold water diving. In the dive position the control allows the regulator to power assist the diver as they breathe using the Venture Effect. The exhaust valve features a large and flexible design for extremely low exhaust resistance.

The SS-60's Streamline Design, Minimal Weight 5.28 oz (150 g), and Orthodontic Silicone Mouthpiece mean jaw fatigue and pain won't be a hindrance for your buddy while he/she is breathing via your octopus. The Streamline Shape also means the experience of gear drag is a thing of the past. Just as important as the SS-60's smooth diaphragm action is TUSA's guarantee of unsurpassed quality and workmanship.

Case is made from Super-Tough Nylon (heat pliable polyamide resin) Reinforced with Glass Fiber for outstanding hardness and shock resistance. The material also offers superior tensile strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance Regulator comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a limited Lifetime warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 482-2282

Tusa SS-60 Octopus, Yellow Features

  • Tusa SS-60 Octopus
  • Adjustable "Surface or Dive" Sensitivity Control
  • High Visibility Yellow Purge Cover
  • 39" (99 cm) Yellow Hose
  • Fail-Safe Downstream Demand Valve Design
  • Balance of Quality, Comfort, and Reliability
  • Large and Flexible Exhaust Valve
  • Extremely Low Exhaust Resistance
  • Orthodontic Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Streamline Design, Minimal Weight 5.28 oz (150 g)
  • Durable Super-Tough Nylon Reinforced with Glass Fiber Construction
  • Smooth Diaphragm Action
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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