Tusa Element 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass (SCA-351)

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  • Deep stop feature and safety stop
  • Air and nitrox (21-50%) operating modes
  • Side and top reading compass
  • Modified Haldanean 12 compartment algorithm
  • 4000 psi high pressure gauge
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About Tusa Element 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass (SCA-351)

The SCA-351 three gauged Element console features the IQ-650 Element dive computer, a 4000 PSI pressure gauge and a compass in a compact low-profile two color boot, design. The computer console is a full-featured, user-friendly instrument with an innovative interface designed exclusively for divers.

Deep Stop Function

The IQ-650 computer features a deep stop function for additional safety. The deep stop mode is activated when a dive exceeds 80 FT (24M) for more than 1 second. Upon ascent, the computer will display a Deep Safety Stop screen and there commended stop depth for a period of 2 minutes. This deep stop is highly recommended as additional opportunity to off-gas, but is not mandatory. If the diver chooses not to serve the stop it will not adversely affect the remaining No-Decompression Limits of the dive. The Element is an easy-to-use, single button, puck-style computer offering a myriad of dive data

The 4000 PSI pressure gauge features a helical bourdon tube for a more accurate display of remaining air. This gauge features TUSA's Lumi-Nova luminous face. This feature is easier to read and several times the brightness of standard luminous gauges with longer luminescence times. . A top and side view compass with rotating bezel and lubber line completes the trio.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 482-2282

Tusa Element 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass (SCA-351) Features

  • Deep Stop Features
  • Activated when depth becomes greater than 80 FT (24 M) for more than 1 second
  • Deep Stop screen appears upon ascent(s) to 50 FT (15 M)
  • Stop Time displayed as min:sec, counting down from 02:00 to 0:00
  • Stop Depth/Time fixed at 40 FT (12 M) for 2 minutes
  • Deep Stop feature is disabled upon entry into Decompression Mode
  • The Deep Stop feature is recommended for additional safety, but is not mandatory
  • Computer Features:
  • Single button puck-style module in wrist boot
  • Air and nitrox (21-50%) Operating Modes
  • Manual or Water-Activation
  • Deep Stop Feature and standard Safety Stop
  • User-replaceable battery with hot-swap
  • Modified Haldanean 12 compartment algorithm
  • Rental unit reset option
  • New 2-color compact boot design
  • 4000psi pressure gauge with Lumi-NovaÞ dial
  • Pressure Gauge Features:
  • 4000 psi High-Pressure Gauge
  • 500 psi Bright Red Safety Zone
  • Luminescent Dial is Easy to Read in Dark or Low Visibility Conditions
  • Compass Features:
  • Side and Top Reading Compass
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Lubber Line
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