Tusa Compact DC Hunter Dive Computer 3 Gauge Console (SCA-343)

Tusa Compact DC Hunter Dive Computer 3 Gauge Console (SCA-343) Features

What's in the box: IQ-700 Computer, Pressure Gauge, Compass, HP Hose

An innovative interface designed exclusively for divers A sizable display and operating panel with three large buttons guarantees user-friendly operation The user using just a coin can replace the battery Other things that really sets this unit apart from the pack is you can program 2 different mixtures into it - so you can use one mix for the dive - and another for your safety stop Computer has a Luminescent face for low light situations, visual and audio alarms, works for both air and nitrox, display backlighting and much more

The pressure features the Lumi-Nova luminous face TUSA is the first company in the world to incorporate Lumi-Nova light storage dials, a groundbreaking innovation offering several times the brightness of conventional dials, as well as longer luminescence times The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials

Pressure Gauge comes equipped with high pressure hose and has bright red low air indication from 500 to 0 psi

A top and side view compass with rotating bezel and lubber line completes the trio

All Three gauges are incased in an impact resistant rubber boot that features dual clip or lanyard eyelets toattach gauge's to your equipment

Key Features

  • Luminescent face is easy to read in dark or low visibility conditions. (compass and pressure gauge)
  • Visual & audio alarms for critical situations
  • User replaceable battery
  • Compatible for both air & nitrox (up to a 50% oxygen mix)
  • Settable PO2 and personal safety input
  • Safety stop function
  • No-decompression & decompression dive data both with air & nitrox
  • Nitrogen absorption and CNS oxygen toxicity display
  • Up to 30 hours and 60 dives memory
  • Recorded profiles are manually visible
  • PC interface
  • Display backlight
  • Maximum depth alarm
  • Dive time alarm
  • Pressure Gauge Features:
  • 4000 psi High-Pressure Gauge
  • 500 psi Bright Red Safety Zone
  • Luminescent Dial is Easy to Read in Dark or Low Visibility Conditions
  • Compass Features:
  • Side and Top Reading Compass
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Lubber Line

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(800) 482-2282