Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)

sale Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)

Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130) Features

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a mouthful of saltwater when you're snorkeling, TUSA is out to change all that The Hyperdry system reflects the very latest technological advancements, and the net result is that you get the driest air delivery available today
The oval design A unique feature of TUSA snorkels has now been further improved in the pipe It provides direction to water blown upward to insure a clear snorkel at all times while minimizing water resistance during snorkeling The pipe interior, with its bellows section, has a new flush surface to smooth the airflow

Key Features

  • New purge channel keeps water from returning to mouth, and eliminates gurgling of water caused by breathing
  • New mouthpiece enhances comfort of bite, fit and stability

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 36 months.

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