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About Tusa RS-530 Regulator

The RS-530 regulator is one of the latest TUSA first and second stages that delivers excellent quality in an affordable, lightweight, travel-friendly system

The balanced piston R-500 first stage is incredibly small and weighs only 720g It has a full complement of four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports and is equipped with a quick adjustment screw that can easily be tuned for optimum performance

Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece The new mouthpiece, developed with engineering in mind, further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage

Breathing resistance adjustment knob Respiration rate and air consumption rate vary greatly while diving according to environmental conditions (water depth, current, etc ) as well as the skill and physical condition of the diver A necessary condition for safe and pleasant diving is natural breathing in correspondence to the circumstance at any given time With the S-30 you simply rotate the flow adjustment knob on the side with its ideal click feeling for free control of the air supply volume according to your needs The multiple thread screws permit speedy and fine adjustment from which you can appropriately sense resistance to exhaled air, to a condition in which you feel almost no resistance Performance of the reliable SS-10 octopus, yet is smaller and allows for both left and right hose configuration The SS-20 Platina octopus features a large front purge, deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance for easier breathing Octopus is equipped with a high visibility yellow housing and 33" yellow hose The second stage also features a high density, long lasting silicone mouthpiece

The SS-10 combines a large discharge valve with a deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance The L P hose is yellow like the main unit to improve visibility

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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