Tusa Imprex RD2 Regulator (RS-350)

Tusa Imprex RD2 Regulator (RS-350) Features

What's in the box: 1st Stage , 2nd Stage , LP Hose

The RS-350 Imprex regulator is the flagship model of TUSA regulators, possessing a wide variety of functions The R-300 first stage features a balanced diaphragm system with a minimum variation in intermediate pressure in relation to changes in residual tank pressure The ports (H P x2, L P x4) feature left-right symmetry for easier tank adjustments, even for novice divers

For optimum performance and comfort, a swivel joint is fitted between the second stage of the RS-350 and the joint section of the low pressure hose The swivel joint allows flexibility of the hose to eliminate hose tension at the mouthpiece for a more natural and comfortable bite Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece The new mouthpiece further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage

S-50 Air Refresher Filter

An active carbon filter absorbs smells while a metal fiber filter eliminates particles as small as 10 microns, ensuring the diver breathes the cleanest and purest air every breath The SS-20 safe-second combines the performance of the reliable SS-10 octopus, yet is smaller and allows for both left and right hose configuration The SS-20 Platina octopus features a large front purge, deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance for easier breathing Octopus is equipped with a high visibility yellow housing and 33" yellow hose The second stage also features a high density, long lasting silicone mouthpiece

Key Features

  • First stage (R-300) Features:
  • Over-Balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports
  • Hi-Flow 1/2 inch primary port
  • Protective Rubber Sleeve
  • Second stage (S-50) Features:
  • Universal swivel hose joint
  • Air Refresher filter delivers the cleanest air every breath
  • Dynamic airflow hose
  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece
  • Octopus (SS-20) Features:
  • Left and Right Hose Configuration
  • Lightweight second stage
  • High-Vis yellow body and hose
  • 33 inch long hose
  • Color: Yellow

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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