Tusa Viewtrek Mask (M-23)

Tusa Viewtrek Mask (M-23) Features

The best way of increasing the field of vision in a compact design is to shorten the distance between the lens and the eye However, it has been limited to the narrowness of the area between the lenses because of the height of the upper part of the nose In the M-23, the lenses have been spread apart making it possible to get them closer to the eyes and to fit the nose skirt snugly into a thin frame between the lenses Compared with conventional two-lens masks, the M-23 has double the field of vision This design also allows convenient access to the nose for easier clearing of the ears Moreover, the short distance between the lens and the eyes enables more accurate framing during underwater photography

Key Features

  • 200% increase in field of vision versus conventional masks.
  • 5-position strap angle adjuster for best possible vertical fit.
  • easy access to nose for clearing the ears.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 36 months.

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