Tusa Zen Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-900)


Tusa Zen Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-900) Features

What's in the box: Digital Online Class, Wrist Computer

The Zen is a stylish instrument that can be worn at the office, on the town or in the ocean - anytime, anywhere the Zen is your go to instrument.

The IQ-900 can be operated as a Watch, Air computer, Nitrox (EANx) computer, Digital depth gauge/timer or as a Free dive depth gauge/timer.

The Zen's large alphanumeric and backlit display allows for high legibility in or out of the water, although its size is that of a normal style watch!
In addition to offering the latest comprehensive computer features, the Zen adds a Deep Stop function for enhanced safety.

Deep Stop Function.
The Zen computer features an optional deep stop function for additional safety. The deep stop mode is activated when a dive exceeds 80 FT (24M) for more than 1 second. Upon ascent past 50 FT (15M), the computer will display a Deep Safety Stop screen and the recommended stop at 40 FT (12M) for a period of 2 minutes. This deep stop is highly recommended as additional opportunity to off-gas, but is not mandatory.

Click below to view a series of tutorial videos for the Tusa Zen IQ-900.

The Tusa Zen Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-900) is commonly used for Recreation and more. One reason why the Tusa Zen Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-900) is popular is because of its Easy To Read.

Key Features

  • Advanced 2 gas wrist-top computer
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive and Watch Modes
  • 2 mix feature: Mix 1 (Air, 21-50%), Mix 2 (Air, 21-100%)
  • Manual or Water-Activation
  • Audible and flashing Icon Alarms
  • Large alphanumeric and backlit display
  • Advanced user safety settings and options
  • Deep Stop Feature and Safety Stop
  • Automatic altitude adjustment from sea level to 14,000'
  • No fly icon, residual nitrogen discharge time display
  • User-replaceable battery with hot-swap
  • TUSA Z+ Algorithm based on Buhlmann ZHL-16c
  • PC Download and upload settings with TUSA Datalog Interface
  • Variable Ascent Rate Indicator

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(800) 482-2282