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Spare-Air Xtreme Sport 1.1 Kit,

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Spare-Air Xtreme Sport 1.1 Kit, Features

What's in the box: Spare-Air Xtreme Sport 1.1 cu. ft., Neoprene vest

Submersible Systems introduces a safety product specifically designed for the extreme water-sport enthusiast. The Spare Air Xtreme sport uses the same proven technology that SCUBA divers have using since the sport became popular. For over 23 years, divers aroundthe world have used Spare Air to perform self-rescues and to save others where only a few extra breaths are necessary to prevent drowning. The HEED version of the Spare Air has been helping the Military, Firemen and other rescue personnel save lives in land rescue situations.

Over the years, kayakers, surfers and other water-sportsmen have been using the Spare Air as a rescue safety device. Their only complaint - they needed something that was "hands free." The Xtreme sport solves this by reducing the size of the air tank and mounting the unit in a neoprene vest in a chest pocket. Now your next breath is only inches away.

Key Features

  • 1.1 cubic feet of air
  • New vest easily straps on chest for hands-free breathing.
  • Perfect for kayaking, surfing, or any water sport where a few breaths are needed in an emergency.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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