Swimline Flip Top Mattress

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About Swimline Flip Top Mattress

Swimline Flip Top Mattress
The pool has the potential to provide a lot of fun, but thanks to the Swimline Flip Top Mattress it can also be a place for relaxation. Crafted from super durable vinyl, this mattress on the water is the perfect vessel to relax atop after a stressful day. Built with an adjustable pillow, you get to choose exactly how you rest. Hydration's a must while out in the sun, and the Swimline Flip Top Mattress addresses that with a built-in beverage holder.

Swimline Flip Top Mattress Features

  • Different pillow positions allow for maximum comfort
  • A built-in beverage holder ensures you'll stay hydrated while relaxing
  • Durable vinyl keeps this mattress in great condition for years to come
  • Mattress dimensions are 88" by 28", able to be used by a child or adult
  • Designed to be just as enjoyable as your bed

Swimline Flip Top Mattress Specifications

Unique Convertible Flip-Top Pillow Can Be Configured 3 Ways
Center Fold
Drink Holder
Recommended Use
Weight [with packaging]
4.05 lb
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