Sherwood Wisdom 3 Computer

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About Sherwood Wisdom 3 Computer

Sherwood's Wisdom 3 has new full-time access to No-Decompression Limits (NDL) regardless of Air Time Remaining (ATR), Dive Time Remaining (DTR) on main screen. When in Dive Mode, see your available dive time whether limited by ATR or NDL. Sherwood Scuba's reputation is built on rugged reliability. The new Wisdom 3 is a direct reflection of Sherwood's commitment to this world-renowned reputation. Sherwood has taken their best computer and made it better, stronger and more reliable. The Wisdom 3 displays tank pressure on the bottom of the screen in large, easy-to-read numbers. Above the tank pressure are displays for dive time, depth, max depth and other data. Along the side of the display are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading.

The new Wisdom 3 is an intuitive easy to use and operate with easy to read large digital display. The computer has diver selectable alarms, deep stop reminders, DECO warnings, and has Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes. Computer has a dive simulator that allows you to walk yourself through any dive beforehand, and see your limits without getting wet. The repetitive dive planning mode uses information from previous dives to see limitations of your next dive. Logging your dives is made easy with the dive log function that stores profiles for later recall and viewing. The computer can be activated manually or will automatically activate when it gets wet.

The Wisdom 3 has both audible and visual alarms for vital information concerning your dive safety. Computer has HydroGlow that illuminates the screen in low light or night diving conditions making reading the computer data easy regardless of the dive conditions. The Wisdom 3 will also give you information on when it is safe to fly after diving along with up to the minute de-saturation calculations. If you dive at high altitudes the Wisdom 3 will make all adjustments up to 14,000' (4,267 meters). Computer displays N2 and O2 absorption in bar graphs for instant recognition of this critical information. There is a date and time-of-day record for all dives, an adjustable data sampling rate function and the Wisdom 3 uses a common CR2450 lithium battery for power that is user replaceable. Computer has a maximum depth display of 399' (120 meters), maximum pressure readout of 5,000 psi (345 bars) and Temperature readout up to 99 degrees F (60 C). Wisdom 3 comes with a comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

Sherwood Wisdom 3 Computer Features

  • Wisdom 3 New for 2012
  • Air Integrated Computer
  • Algorithm: DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis)
  • Operating Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
  • Diver Selectable Alarms
  • Depth Display: 399' (120 meters)
  • Altitude Adjustable: Up to 14,000' (4,267 meters)
  • Back Light: HydroGlow
  • 50 Dive Memory Capacity
  • Imperial/Metric Display
  • Power: User Replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery
  • Pressure Display: 0 to 5,000 psi (345 bars)
  • Time, Date & Temperature Display
  • Adjustable Data Sampling Rate
  • Easy to Read Large Digital Display
  • Intuitive Easy to Use and Operate
  • Deep Stop Reminders
  • DECO Warnings
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Sherwood Wisdom 3 Computer Specifications

Dsat (Spencer/Powell Data Basis)
Audible Alarms
Depth Display
399' (120 Meters)
Altitude Adjustable
Yes Up To 14,000' (4,267 Meters)
Operating Modes
Air, Nitrox And Gauge
Back Light
Memory Capacity
50 Dives
Time, Date & Temperature
Imperial/Metric Display
Cr2450 Lithium Battery
Air Integrated
Pressure Display
0 To 5,000 Psi (345 Bars)
Weight [with packaging]
1.65 lb
Mfr #

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Questions about this item:

James D  I saw some place else where the wisdom 3 will log 110 dives. Is this true or was I misinformed?
Frank L  Sherwood website says 110, but the logbook is only 50 dives. You have access to 999 dives profile info if you have the download cable.
Shopper  How long does a battery typically last?
Ben T  2 years or 100 dives.
PETER Z  Please explain the No Deco bar graph what does each segment represent – I had the Wisdom 1 and it showed the bar graph next to Green/Yellow/Red to help you visually see where you are as to nitrogen loading – The Wisdom 3 only shows the segments next to a visual graph that really doesn’t show any Ok/Caution/DECO?
LISA T  It depends on what you intend by hang line. It will easily provide a reference for your position in the water to hold a stationary depth especially if you maintain neutral to even slightly negative buoyancy. Will it allow you to hang while excessively negative? I would not use it for this purpose but then again why would you need anything to support weight at the safety stop?
PETER Z  The answer provided by Lisa is not even close to answering the question I asked - I asked nothing about hang time I asked how to read the No Deco bar graph segments
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