Sherwood Spinta Open heels fins

Sherwood Spinta Open heels fins Features

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The Sherwood Spinta fins utilize the patented Optimal Pivot Blade (OPB) technology to increase kick efficiency, minimize fatigue and maximize acceleration Effortless propulsion with optimum thrust During the kick cycle the structure of traditional fins creates a limit to the angle of which the blade can flex This limit allows only a small part of the fin blade to push water in the direction of the kick, while the remaining part pushes the water in the opposite direction, reducing the diver's forward thrust The O P B system causes the blade to flex at an optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes This optimal angle allows the majority of the blade to push a larger volume of water in the proper direction and greatly increase efficiency All of the diver's kicking effort translates into positive thrust Traditional fins produce lower levels of thrust at different points in the kicking cycle with substantial differences between the maximum and minimum values The O P B system produces optimal thrust throughout every phase of the kicking cycle, which minimizes fatigue and produces a more fluid movement through the water

Available size: Small (SM), Regular (REG), Extra Large (XL)

Key Features

  • OPB System
  • Increased Kick Efficiency
  • Minimized Fatigue
  • Maximized Acceleration
  • Quick Release Buckles

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.