Sherwood Minimus Octopus, Yellow

Sherwood Minimus Octopus, Yellow Features

What's in the box: Octopus, LP Hose

Our standard octopus lines are precision engineered to provide the same outstanding reliability as your primary Sherwood regulator The Sherwood Minimus is the first regulator designed specifically as a backup air source

The Minimus has a uniquely designed mouthpiece position that allows you to give extra air to divers at your left or right-hand side Because this Octo is 35% smaller than most standard octos, you are provided with a lightweight, less bulky dive

Rugged, dependable, and affordable, the Minimus is the very first regulator specifically designed to function as a backup air source

Constructed of strong, durable materials, the compact Minimus provides you with the breathing performance of a primary regulator

Key Features

  • Compact design - 35% smaller than standard octos to reduce drag and eliminate snagging. Easier to clear and to locate when needed.
  • Unique mouthpiece position allows the Minimus to be passed to other diver from right or left side position.
  • Uncomplicated design allows easy maintenance and easy operation without need for constant attention
  • High visibility front cover flexes to allow simple reliable purge control.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.