Sherwood Blizzard 1st Stage Only

Sherwood Blizzard 1st Stage Only Features

Professional or enthusiast, if cold-water diving's your thing, Blizzard is your regulator Sherwood's Blizzard is the first regulator specifically designed for these extreme conditions and the top choice of cold-water divers worldwide Sherwood's clean environmental dry-air-bleed first-stage design keeps cold waterfrom entering the internal mechanism which reduces first-stage regulator freeze up and helps deliver warmer air to the second-stage The Blizzard First-Stage isequipped with two primary high flow ports that boost air pressure to the second-stage, with a total of four LP ports for accessories Made of Chromed Marine Grade Brass with extra large Yoke Screw Hand Wheel that is easy to turn even when wearing mittens

Key Features

  • Plated fins and heat sink retain the warmth of your exhaled breath to prevent freeze-up or second-stage free flow.
  • The sealed first stage keeps water from entering, virtually eliminating the chance of freeze-up.
  • Two, primary-flow ports boost outlet pressure to the second stage for easier breathing.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.