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About SeaVision Complete Vision System

New system provides color correction solution in warm and cold waters making it the most versatile mask concept ever introduced

The new Chameleon mask system from SeaVision brings together the best of the company's patented color-correcting and light enhancing technologies to offer divers and snorkelers with an unbeatable combination of options certain to improve and enhance each and every dive The Chameleon system delivers versatility for users through two uniquely-designed mask shields that work like filters The red (or magenta)lens is designed for use in warmer waters where colors are more rich and vibrant By using the red filters, users will have the opportunity to better experience the colors of the underwater world that are often lost at depth The cyan (yellow) lens is for use in low light situations, such as lakes, rivers, North Atlantic and Pacific low light condition

Technical divers, cave divers and those diving in low light waters around the world will benefit from the cyan lens filter that helps to optimize available light and help improve visibility at the same time

Like a Chameleon, an animal that can change its colors depending on its environment, SeaVision's Chameleon CVS Complete Vision System allows for versatility and change

In fact, the Chameleon system is so versatile that it can work with masks distributed by other brand companies, such as Ocean Master Z2, Tusa Liberator and Liberator Plus,H20 Alpha, Sherwood Magmun 2 and Genesis SL,

The Chameleon system is the next phase in the evolution of dive mask technology Just as underwater photographers use filter systems for better colors and imagery, the Chameleon system can deliver the same benefits to divers ƒ

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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