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About Stearns Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket

Stearns Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket
Keep your little ones safe in and aroung the water with the Stearns Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket. This US Coast Guard-approved life jacket lets your infant enjoy the water safely. It's specially for children under 30 lbs., and it comes in two fun, playful designs to make your infant look even more adorable. It's durable to withdstand various conditions season after season, thanks to its strong Hydroprene shell. Its interior is constructed of PE foam, which is a lightweight material to keep your infant afloat in water. With the jacket built with a rescue handle, you can easily pull him/her off the water or the boat. It also includes an extra contoured float above the neck for that pillow-like comfort. To ensure a proper fit, simply adjust the front strap, the two leg straps, and the nylon webbed straps to fit your infant's body. With this life jacket, even your infant will get to experience fun at the beach, pool, or lake. So, get the Stearns Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket today.

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