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SeaSoft Tank Weights

SeaSoft Tank Weights Features

Great way to keep the weight off your hips and add some to your cylinder with this Sea Soft Adjustable Tank Weight Pocket, just mount and adjust the band to your cylinders diameter and you have shed some lead from your waist to your cylinder. Placing weight on the cylinder will also help eliminate the buoyancy you may experience from an aluminum cylinder when near empty. If your cylinder rides up in the second half of your dive due to cylinder buoyancy this tank weight pocket is what you need. Constructed of durable materials for long life with quick clips for both adjustment to cylinder and weight retention SeaSoft tank weight pockets are just what you need.

Key Features

  • Large adjustable strap fits virtually any tank.
  • Soft neoprene pouch does not damage your tank.
  • Helps in balancing the diver in the water.
  • Placing a small amount of weight on the scuba tank take some of the lead off of the waist for greater comfort.
  • These tank weights will keep you upright with your face out of the water in case of an emergency.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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