Seasoft SeaHorse BCD


About Seasoft SeaHorse BCD

The SEAHORSE BC is a one size-fits-all BC that is perfect for travel because it only weighs slightly over 7 lbs , yet has 42 lbs of lift!

SEAHORSE BC IS FULLY CAPABLE OF ANY TYPE OF DIVING It's weight intergrated and holds 15 lbs of soft weights in the two seperate pockets (for a total of 30 lbs )
These pockets are mounted in-line with the tank for superior surface flotation and stability The weights are ditchable using the right-shoulder mounted yellow ripcord When you pull the ripcord to arm's length, you've ditched your weights One hand; quick release!

Your tank is hold securely by SeaSoft's Triple-Point Mounting System (TMS) that employs a valve safety strap and 2 stainless steel hold fasts virtually eliminates tank sway and slippage

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 939-5510

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