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SEASOFT Ti Pro 6 mm Wetsuit Hood

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  • 6mm neoprene thickness for colder waters
  • 3 panel compressed neoprene construction
  • Large bib provides additional warmth
  • Titanium foil inner lining help retain warmth
  • Small holes with thin baffle vent trapped air
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About SEASOFT Ti Pro 6 mm Wetsuit Hood

When diving, the deeper a diver goes the colder it generally gets and with increasing pressure, a typical neoprene hood gets thinner. If the temperature is getting colder and your hood is getting thinner, you're going to get cold. And, when you consider that 35% of heat loss is from the head area, it seems like this would be a place to make sure you are adequately protected to ensure warmth and comfort.

All of SEASOFT Ti PRO Hoods have Compressed Neoprene for the Back-Panels of the Hood. This means that no matter how deep you go, they are still their original thickness and working to keep you warm! You will not find any Seams Down-the-Middle of the Chin either. This Seam, found in almost all hoods today, can cause Jaw Fatigue. The Seam is there because it is Less-Expensive to make a Hood from just two halves. SEASOFT does not believe that a hood is the place to go cheap.

The Hood has Titanium Flakes Foil Technology that creates 2-Layers of Titanium Foil that Reflects Cold-Away and Reflects your Heat-In keeping you Warmer than Hoods without this Technology. The 6 mm material is going to Naturally-Fit and Stretch around your head better. This leaves less room for cold water to occupy UNDER your Hood, this helps to maintain warmth as well. There are also two very Small-Holes for Air-to-Escape from the Inside-Crown of the Hood in case air enters your hood with a Thin-Baffle Built-Over the Holes to prevent Water from Entering.

The SEASOFT Pro 6 mm Wetsuit Hood use 6 mm Neoprene with Triple-Glued and Double-Bonded Stitched Seams for Strength and Durability. The Edge of the Bib is Taped and Sewn for additional Strength. The Hood is available in Multiple-Sizes, is Black in Color and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(800) 939-5510

SEASOFT Ti Pro 6 mm Wetsuit Hood Features

  • 35% of Heat Loss is from the Head
  • Construction: 5 Different Types of Nylon ll Neoprene
  • Compressed Neoprene: Back-3 Panels of the Hood
  • Compressed Neoprene: Won't Get Thinner at Depth
  • Thicker Neoprene: Warmer Dive
  • No Chin Seam: Reduced Jaw Fatigue
  • Large Bib for Increased Warmth by Layering with Wetsuit
  • Titanium Flakes Foil Technology: 2-Layers of Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil: Reflects Cold-Away and Reflects your Heat-In
  • 6 mm Naturally-Fit and Stretch Around Head Better
  • Small-Holes with Thin-Baffle on Inside-Crown Vent Trapped Air
  • Seams Triple-Glued and Double-Bonded Stitched for Strength and Durability
  • Bib Edge Taped and Sewn for Added Strength
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Color: Black
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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