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About Seasoft Hunter Kevlar Glove

Whether you are a World Spear-Fishing Champion or a Beginning Photographer, you want and need a Glove that Protects your Hands, Keeps-you-Warm and yet don't Get-in-the-Way of that Perfect Shot when milliseconds count. The SEASOFT HUNTER Glove delivers! They're Specifically Built for Underwater Hunters and Photographers. The Entire-Front -Surface of the glove is KEVLAR with the Exception of the 1 mm DINA-HIDE Trigger/Shutter Finger. Your Finger on the Trigger is never compromised by Thick Squishy Neoprene or the Slippery Surfaces found on other Gloves. The Back and Sides are made from Tough DINA-HIDE so the HUNTER Gloves are Designed-to-Last. The SUPER STRETCH Nylon ll Neoprene is so incredibly Flexible and Fit so Close-to-the Skin there is virtually no room for Water to Enter the Glove. This means your Hands stay Warmer than any other Glove you have ever worn.

The SEASOFT HUNTER Gloves are available in two different thicknesses; 3 mm-Back, 2 mm-Front and 1 mm-Trigger Finger for Temperate to Warm Water and a 2 mm-Back, 1.5 mm-Front and 1 mm-Trigger Finger for Warm Water. Seams are Glued and Sewn for Strength and Durability and the Wrist Straps are QUAD Reinforced with a Separate Backing. Gloves are Black in color and are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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