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About Seasoft 5/3mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove

The SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE Gloves are designed with Pre-Curved Fingers, the Warmest materials, Super Tough and Abrasion Resistant KEVLAR, 2-Layers of Titanium Flake Foil for Heat-Retention and with up to 60% Less Seams. The KEVLAR covers approximately 75% of the Surface-Area; this is more than Double the amount of Most Gloves. What is really amazing about these Gloves is that they have a Thinner Index Finger and Thumb than the rest of the Glove. Photographers, Underwater Hunters and everyone that wants more Dexterity-and-Comfort will love the SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE Gloves. The 5 mm Ti PRO EDGE has a 3 mm Index Finger-and-Thumb.

When you dive with Gloves, Water Enters the Gloves and your Body-Heats-Up the Water and your Hands-Stay Warm. BUT if your Gloves Constantly-Flush this Warm Water and Replace it Over-and-Over again with Cold Water then eventually your Hands can't keep up and you get Cold Hands! The SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE Gloves minimize this Flushing-Action by Eliminating-the-Seam Across-the-Palms that other Gloves have. This does away with the Main-Avenue for this Flushing-Motion.

All Seams are Triple-Glued with Dry-Suit-Cement and are than Double Bond Stitched with Heavy-Duty Thread for Strength and Durability. The Gloves Wrist Straps are QUAD Reinforced and there is also an Internal-Backing inside the Glove to ensure that your SEASOFT Glove lasts and lasts! Gloves come in 7 sizes and are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

The Seasoft 5/3mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove is commonly used for Cold Water and more. The Seasoft 5/3mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Seasoft 5/3mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove: Durable, Good Fit, Warm.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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