SeaSoft 3/1.5mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove

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  • Pre curved 1.5mm fingers for a flexy fit
  • Kevlar covers approximate 75% of surface area
  • 2 layer Titanium flake foil for extra warmth
  • 60% less seams, no seams on palms
  • Minimizes flushing action for warmer diving
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About SeaSoft 3/1.5mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove

The SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE Gloves are designed with Pre-Curved Fingers, the Warmest Materials, Super Tough and Resilient Kevlar, TWO Layers of Titanium Flake Foil for Heat Retention and with up to 60% Less Seams. The KEVLAR covers approximately 75% of the surface area; this is more than double the amount of most gloves.

What is really amazing about these gloves is that they have a Thinner Index Finger and Thumb than the rest of the glove. Photographers, Underwater Hunters and everyone that wants more Dexterity and Comfort will love the SEASOFT Ti EDGE Gloves. The 3 mm Ti EDGE has a 1.5 mm Index Finger and Thumb. Warmth and Dexterity!

When we dive, water enters our gloves and our natural body temperature warms up the water and our hands should stay warm. BUT if your Gloves Constantly Flush this Warm Water and replace it over and over again with Cold Water then you eventually get Cold Hands! The SEASOFT Ti Gloves are designed to totally Minimize-this-Flushing-Action by eliminating the Seam across the Palms that other gloves have. Also, these Gloves Easily Stretch, so that putting them on is Easier.

Reinforced Wrist Straps! The Gloves Wrist Straps are QUAD Reinforced and there is also an Internal-Backing inside the Glove to ensure that your SEASOFT Glove lasts and lasts! All Seams are Glued-with-Dry-Suit-Cement and are than Stitched with Heavy-Duty Thread for Strength and Durability. Most of us though are looking for a really TOUGH Glove, well, this is it! This Glove is simply made of the best materials, the kind of attention to detail that SEASOFT is famous for! Gloves are Black in color and are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 939-5510

SeaSoft 3/1.5mm Ti Pro Edge Kevlar Glove Features

  • Pre-Curved Fingers, the Warmest Materials, Super Tough and Resilient Kevlar
  • KEVLAR Covers Approximately 75% of Surface Area
  • 2 Layers of Titanium Flake Foil for Heat Retention
  • Protects Hands, Keeps you Warm
  • 60% Less Seams, No Seams on Palms
  • Designed to Minimize Flushing-Action for Warmer Diving
  • 3 mm Edge Glove, 1.5 mm Index Finger and Thumb
  • 1.5 mm Fingers Designed for Photographers, Underwater Hunters
  • Warmth and Dexterity!
  • QUAD Reinforced Velcro Wrist Strap with Separate Backing
  • All Seams: Glued-with-Dry-Suit-Cement
  • Seams: Glued and Sewn for Strength and Durability
  • Color: Black
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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